Sometimes it's just there, naturally. We feel at peace and at ease. But at other times  we can't seem to connect, not to ourselves, nor to our loved ones. Through my work, I'm hoping to help you to find this connection. Both on a physical, emotional, mental, as well as a spiritual level. By starting to connect to and understand ourselves, the connection with others will come naturally and easily. 


"Our search for happiness is an unconscious search for our true Self"

- Papaji 

In my personal search for connection I encountered various teachers and practices. Some of them briefly, others are still with me today. These practices and techniques have brought me so much, that I feel a natural urge to share them with others.


Through yoga I help you to find connection to yourself. We connect to consciousness and heal ourself when we mindfully move the physical body.


As a doula, I stand by your side in your preparation for and during labor and birth. Through Postpartum Care treatment such as massage, Bengkung Belly bind, Yoni Steam, and Moxa I aim to nourish and support the new mother. The Rebozo Postpartum Closing Ritual is a wonderful way of closing the body on a physical, energetical and spiritual level after giving birth, miscarriage or abortion. 


Family Constellations and Systemic Coaching (one-on-one) may help you to get to understand yourself better in your relationships and let go of undesirable patterns and habits.


 More information in the about me, but please feel free to contact me if you have any specific questions or requests.