At a very young age, Lidewij was introduced to yoga and meditation through her mother. But it wasn't until graduating from university that she started to practice regularly. After a few years of practicing Iyengar Yoga, she fell in love with the Ashtanga Yoga practice. She traveled through and studied yoga in India, Thailand, and Bali, and upon her return to her homebase Amsterdam, she naturally started to share her love for yoga with others, teaching Ashtanga. She studied with many teachers but is mainly influenced by her teacher Petri Raïsanen, whom she continues to practice with and assists on a regular basis. To balance the Yang, her Yin practice helps her to find a sense of deep relaxation and openness, both physically and mentally. 


Her daily asana and meditation practice is a journey to her true self with her mat as her mirror, helping her to reflect and find peace and stillness within. She teaches with softness, care, and personal attention and hopes to inspire others to take their yoga practices with them off the mat and live a conscious and loving life.


After becoming a mother and, a few months later, losing her father, Lidewij developed an interest in Family Constellations and Systemic work. The magic of family constellation continues to fascinate her. She caringly guides you through this process, with openness and softness, aiming to help you find a deeper connection to yourself and the people around you. 


Her journey into motherhood was the biggest transformation. The home births of both her kinds were truly empowering events, that she wishes for every woman to experience birth in such a way. She therefor trained to become a doula and support parents in their journey of welcoming their babies into this world. She stresses the importance of supporting the new parent and offers postpartum treatments and Rebozo Closing Rituals. 


Only gratitude for those that inspired me and guided me on my path and continue to do so. Amongst others : Petri Raïsanen, Claudia Pradella, Eddie Stern (yoga); Ingrid Dykstra, Els van Steijn (family constellations); Anna Verwaal, Naoli Vinaver, Miriam Heemskerk (doula & postpartum support)